Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picture Number 365 - The End of an Experiment

The Cellar Door 365 Daily Photography Blog Turns One Today! 
Thank you to the 26,348 people who have come to look at my pictures.

Some interesting stats about visitors:
45% from the US
27% from Spain
Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Neatherlands, Mexico, and Argentina round off the top 10.

Other countries in order of most traffic:

Australia, Serbia, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Ireland, India, Belgium, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Norway, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Morocco, Poland, Finland, Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Romania, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, New Zealand, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Austria, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, Estonia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Latvia, El Salvador, Bahamas, Honduras, Lithuania, Algeria, Hong Kong, Iraq, Moldova, Mauritius, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Georgia, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Paraguay, Senegal, Aruba, Bahrain, China, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Gibraltar, Iran, Jamaica, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mongolia, Malta, Nepal, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Sudan, Suriname, Uruguay, Zambia.

Top traffic referral comes from:  Reddit, Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo,  Twitter, and Meneame in that order. 

71%of visitors used a PC, 20% Mac,  the remaining 9% used Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, Linux, etc.

The top 10 visited pictures are the ones you see on the right.

I'm not sure where to take it from here. Will most likely continue posting pictures, although maybe not everyday.  

It was a fun experiment, thank you for being part of it. 

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